Charming Grey Hairstyles Ideas For Women 22
Charming Grey Hairstyles Ideas For Women 22

20+ Charming Grey Hairstyles Ideas For Women

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Hair highlights is a trend that looks good on every woman and never goes out of fashion. Regardless of your length, cut or personal style, highlights brighten up your face, increase your confidence and make you look more polished and younger. Highlights are so popular because for many women their natural hair color can look flat and with age, grey hairs begin to pop up.

Cool highlights is the perfect way to change up a boring and conservative look. They allow modern women to express their creativity while getting a more vibrant and richer hair color in the process. Many women choose to get hair highlights before attending a wedding, prom, party or social event, or after a breakup or career change. Whatever the reason there are plenty of styles to choose between.

Women new to this trend may struggle with picking a look that is cool and trendy but still remains true to their personal style. For those seeking a small change, subtle highlights can be done just to add warmth to your current hairstyle. For example, a natural blonde could add in several more shades of blonde to add depth and dimension. Brunettes wanting a warmer look should stay within 2 to 3 shades of their original hair color for a natural look.

The coolest highlights are those that are bold and dramatic. Instead of highlighting small chunks of the hair, a popular trend is to apply multi-tonal highlights throughout the entire head, often adding in multiple shades of reds and blondes in both warm and cool colors to create a beautiful look. For those desiring to instantly create an unforgettable look, go with lowlights. They add contrast by adding in darker swatches of hair to a lighter hair color. The look can be done throughout the head or only apply on the underside of the hair for contrast. A sleek look for women with naturally black hair is to add in red shades to the undersides of the hair for a more dynamic look.

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